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Success Stories

Lisa Snowdon

Lisa has been training with Lyndon since the start of 2007. Her initial reasons for starting training have changed a little from her postural correction goals to most recently preparing her for the gruelling demands of Strictly Come Dancing. Here is her story:

The First Session

“From the first session with Lyndon, I knew that I was in safe hands. He doesn’t believe in giving anyone an exercise without going through The Whole Body MOT. At first I found this quite strange, as I just wanted to get started.

However, Lyndon carefully explained why we were doing each assessment, what the results were and what the impact on my body would be when we got these parts working effectively. Although my initial reaction was that this would be a waste of time… I was proved completely wrong. I soon realised that this was exactly what I needed. It was amazing… he knew more about my body in an hour and a half than I ever did.

The Training

When it came to the training sessions I had no idea what to expect. What I did know is that whatever he threw at me was going to be perfect for my body.
Initially we did a lot of postural correction work to help me with my shoulders and neck. He then threw in some lunges and core work which seemed simple enough at the time… but the next day… ouch!!

As my shoulders and neck improved I discovered that I could, with a bit of hard work, change things with my body. Although I still find the gym a little daunting, I completely trust Lyndon to guide me towards my health and fitness goals. He is not one of these trainers that shout at you. He has this way of encouraging, motivating and instilling a level of confidence in you to do everything he asks. Don’t think that he is a push-over though. He is tough, but in a very positive way.

Lisa Snowdon in Red Magazine

The Difference it Has Made

I know this sounds clichéd, but it’s the best thing that has happened to me. It has made a difference to my lifestyle, my stress levels and I generally feel a lot happier. I really look forward to the gym. I see it as ‘me’ time, which I really treasure.

Strictly Come Dancing

When I first told Lyndon that I had to get fit and strong enough to perform on Strictly Come Dancing he set to work on devising a tough but fun workout routine. Some of the exercises he made me do were like…yeah sure! But over time as I got stronger and fitter, they got easier and I could do them without too many problems. I can honestly say that without Lyndon’s help I would have struggled around the dance floor.”

Lisa Snowdon
Model & TV Presenter

Peter Silverman

This is another story of someone who has had long term back pain. After trying lots of traditional avenues to treat his pain, he eventually came to me for help.

This is Peter’s story:

“At the age of 24 in 1991, I had a laminectomy, the following 10 years were spent in and out of various chiropractors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists and surgeons consulting rooms, none were really able to cure my ailment.

“I started to see Lyndon Littlefair really by chance. He was the Training Director at the gym opposite to my office.

“I don’t actually recall my initial assessment, all I know is that I could hardly move. Initially he worked purely on my flexibility. He seemed to believe that the body has incredible healing properties and so long as the right muscle groups were in place and flexibility maintained, then any of the back problems I complained of were rectifiable.

“Lyndon motivated me to help myself.

“He was able to implement an exercise routine that was both enjoyable enough to do and that I would benefit from.

“He prepared simple picture instructions of an exercise routine that were slowly changed as I progressed. With his help I have avoided further back surgery and I now only need to see him 5 or 6 times a years. The assessments are brief, however allowed him to continue to monitor my exercise routine, making changes where he sees fit.

“I believe my story to be proof of his immense ability to make a significant difference to those with acute back problems.

“Although I have never told it to his face, I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me.”

Peter H Silverman
Director, Investment &
Securities Trust Limited

Peter continues to make very good progress today with his fight with back pain. He said something to me once that has really stuck in my mind ever since. He said “he can now pick up his kids.” To me, that makes what I do worthwhile.

For further information about the above how we can help you, please feel free to contact Lyndon Littlefair at Equilibrium.

Linda Britten

The following is from one of my most dedicated clients. Linda has been training with me for nearly two years now. She is a real inspiration and the reason I enjoy my job so much. Here is her story...

Why Commence Training?

“I admit it – I have a phobia and hatred about exercise of any sort, type or description and have therefore never done any. It always seemed like a complete waste of time and effort when there were so many other exciting (and far less energetic) things I could spend my time doing. But, despite my exercise loathing, for many years, I have loved going off on adventurous holidays to exotic places which usually involve lengthy treks over rocky terrain, up and down mountains or through the thick undergrowth of jungles.

“Unfortunately, as the years progressed, my mind and spirit remained very willing and able to undertake more adventures, but my body started to object quite strongly. The ongoing joint and back problems I’d suffered from for a number of years became gradually worse and although the pain would improve if I followed the advice of the various specialists I visited and rested the affected joints, it would always return. I finally realised that these problems were now having a serious affect on my life. Not only was I no longer able to make the most of my active holidays, but I was having problems with my every day life, from driving to carrying shopping bags to walking up and down stairs. It just couldn’t continue – something drastic needed to be done.

“Finally, after seeing so many different specialists, I was diagnosed with hypermobility, which means that I suffer from over-elastic connective tissue, resulting in the mixture of joint and back problems I’d built up over the years. In the case of hypermobility, I was told that the best way to overcome this problem was not in fact to rest the affected areas as I had been doing, but to undertake careful exercise to build my muscle strength. Of course, this was clearly not good news for someone who has a phobia about exercise. But I had now reached the point where I was so fed up and worn down by the pain I was experiencing and the restrictions it was causing to my life, that I was willing to try anything – even exercise.

“My physiotherapist recommended that, given my lack of experience of exercise programmes and the very specific problems from which I was suffering, I should undertake a sustained programme of supervised exercise with a Personal Trainer to ensure I didn’t do myself more harm than good. In addition, given my very significant lack of enthusiasm for exercise, I knew that it was vital that I found a Trainer who had the ability to seriously motivate me and to keep me going when I felt I wasn’t improving as much or as fast as I wanted to. This person would also need to make me believe that over time, but with no significant disruption to my regular life and daily routine, I could achieve the level of mobility and fitness I wanted to transform my life.


“It certainly was a difficult, in fact those who know me well would have said almost impossible, task to find such a miracle worker. But luckily, I did, and the transformation is well and truly underway as you can read below.”

The Benefits of Training

“Where do I begin...
  • Significantly increased mobility and flexibility in all joints
  • A much better sense of balance
  • Dramatically improved posture when both active and sitting
  • Weight loss (great for the body, but not so good on the finances as I keep having to buy more clothes as I drop yet another dress size!)
  • Increased stamina and energy levels
  • Learning how exercise can help minimise the effect of my condition
  • Massive improvement in my insomnia”

What difference has it made to your life?

“I can quite honestly say that it has completely transformed my life on so many different levels and I cannot imagine ever stopping the exercise programme.


  • Improved posture when sitting at my desk resulting in a major reduction in back pain
  • Better concentration over the working day.
  • Major reduction in my levels of stress – apart from when I have to spend lots of time with my mother. And my daughter!!!


  • My first holiday after I started training was my most active holiday for years – and was commented on by my friends.
  • I can walk to work again and can run for a bus without collapsing in a heap at the bus stop.
  • I can go for country walks with family and friends again.
  • I’ve lost weight without deliberately trying – enough for people to notice.
  • I can drive fairly long distances now without getting neck pain – and know what exercises to do to counteract it if I do.”

If I was to ask you one word that describes what I do, what would it be?

“Can’t think of just one...
Knowledgeable, professional, experienced, supportive, motivational, patient...”

If you would like to become one of our success stories, contact Lyndon Littlefair at Equilibrium today and make this year your best yet.